Capturing that which lives, thrives in the stillness of a split second. The shuttering lens repeated 5 times in one second, this is one of my favorite sounds. I adore taking photos of landscape, insects, flowers, moss, the beautiful historic man-made beauty of my hometown and the sky, oh the sky!

I love the challenge of grasping the energy in humans, that majestic clip where everything coalesces together magnificently: facial expression, eye contact, open-hearts and personality escaping just enough to snuggle it all in to one file of our lives. 

Portraits of the beauty that is in all humans.

Drop me a line to hang out and get some photos taken. Pricing depends on each project's desired results.  

Here are some of my favorites: 

Maternity Photos 

Kellie Collins :: 2019 (My sister)







Acacia & Colin :: 2019:: 






 Sarah Kemper ::2015::





Baby Josie Kemper :: 2015::



Leah Baer: 2018


Rebecca Smolen: 2018


Shavaun Scott: 2018






Carol Fischbach 


 Leah Baer




 Jennifer & Nathan


Mary Mandeville 



 Janine Winters



Hannah Ruth


Daniel Elder







I photographed a wedding once too:





Product Photography

Hovden Formal Farmwear

 Jonny Sport



 Shot here in the aisles of Another Read Through


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