Photo by Kelsie Britton

I am inspired by the vivid beauty of my home in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, by the feeling and vision a textile ensues when discovered; visually and tactfully. By art, nature, literature, history, music and the perfectly beautiful shape of every human.

My art is created by whatever I feel like making in place of a brand


My artwork and writing explores individual and collective physical experiences, alongside the swirling and evolving, and contradictory emotional aspects of moving through this life, and living in a world full of both the grotesque and beautiful; life and death.                                                  

Most of my work conjures the darkness that lives in us as humans, as we are surrounded and nurtured by the natural world, that which holds us and promises us nothing. How can we transform pain, isolation, sickness into a thing of beauty? 

I dream a lot.

Some of most recent work, and past work can be seen here. 

Custom Garment Design (Couture) 

I outfit individuals who see fashion as an extension of their true selves, who feel empowered through their eclectic feminine style. I believe dressing up is the way we live, not an occasional occurrence, so I take comfort and wearability as seriously as aesthetic appeal, in order to make dandifying oneself more effortless. I never recreate another's design (knock-offs). From conception to execution, all pieces are handmade in Portland Or. with ETHICAL SWEAT. Attention to detail and lasting quality are the foundation of every garment I make. A portfolio of some of the couture pieces I've done can be seen here.

Custom Inquiries and other questions and praise can be sent to: infokatieguinn@gmail.com 


 Photo by Christine Shields


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