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I am inspired by the vivid beauty of my home in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, by the feeling and vision a textile ensues when discovered; visually and tactfully. By art, nature, literature, history, music and the perfectly beautiful shape of every human.

 Custom Garment Design (Couture) 

Katie Guinn Studio is a design Haus in Portland Or. I outfit individuals who see fashion as an extension of their true selves, who feel empowered through their eclectic feminine style. I believe dressing up is the way we live, not an occasional occurrence, so I take comfort and wearability as seriously as aesthetic appeal, in order to make dandifying oneself more effortless. I never recreate another's design (knock-offs). From conception to execution, all pieces are handmade in Portland Or. with ETHICAL SWEAT. Attention to detail and lasting quality are the foundation of every garment I make.  


My 2-D artwork (illustration/painting) and writing explores physical experiences, alongside emotional aspects of moving through this life, and living in a world full of both trauma and beauty; life and death.

As an artist, I find it vital to use my skills as a portal, an attempt at opening minds and hearts to the fact that we as humans all have a right to exist and thrive instead of experiencing racial, social, sexual, classist prejudice and hate. 

The act of othering be damned.                                                           

I listen to the insides of myself and others and the earth and my dreams to help cultivate the language I bring to the page and canvas.

My art is created by whatever I feel like making in place of a brand

I am Portland born & a Columbia Gorge wanderer, Aquarian, a dedicated Wifey and Serious Mother. And now I'm a grandma too! 

Custom Inquiries and other questions and praise can be sent to: infokatieguinn@gmail.com

 Photo by Christine Shields


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