Artwork Portfolio

Thank you for being interested in my art portfolio. Below you will discover some of my favorite, and most recent pieces, as well as commissioned illustrations and "logos". Feel free to contact me with inquiries for print purchases and/or commissioned originals (I adore commissioned portraits, the lovers' eye. and brand aesthetic pieces). One of my strengths is collaborating on pieces with others. 

To see more work in progress and paintings, visit my instagram

 Painting for Nastashia Minto's Book, 

A Body Tangled in Time: A Tapestry of Self-Love and Shadow Work (Eldridge Books, 2023)


Painting for Corporeal Writing's website and swag. 

We Are the Rest of You, acrylic on cotton paper, 22X30", 2022


Logo design for Wild Roots Therapy, 2022.

Logo Design for Blue Healer Skincare, 2022 (website coming soon)



The Stoner Babes Coloring Book, published by Microcosm Publishing in 2018

2nd printing, 2020

3rd printing, 2022


Select illustrations from the book (Total of 64 illustrations to color) 


 Digital Illustration for Fat Girls' Book Club, 2021 (Website coming soon!)




Illustration Logo for Corporeal Writing

Mychorrhizal Heart, Ink on bristol (16X20) to digital finish, 2021




Transmogrifying Old Growth, Acrylic, watercolor & Ink on paper, 9 X 12 inches, 2020

An Unfurling: No Strings Attached, 2021

12X16", Acrylic, paper and string on board. 



Yokai: Love Eater, Graphite on Yupi Paper, 11 X 14 inches, 2019




Blood of Midnight Roses, Graphite on Bristol Paper 8.5 X 11 inches, 2019 




Shatara Liora, Ink and colored pencil on Paper, For Nailed Interview,                12 X12 inches, 2020





The Witch of Midnight Flowers, Graphite on Paper, 8 X 10 inches, 2019 




Spider People, Acrylic, fabric, bristol, colored pencil on Yupi Paper,                      4 X 10 inches, 2018




The Weight of it All, Ink on Bristol, 11 X 14 inches, 2019



Virgil's Eye, Acrylic and cremains on wood, 4 X 6 inches, 2019




Excerpt from book, Dear Mama, mixed media on paper and black walnut veneer, 3 5/8  5.5 inches closed, 2018



Dark Shadows, Acrylic on water color paper, 6  10 inches, 2018



Midnight Ocean, Oil and Acrylic on board, 12 X 14 inches, 2018



Silk Dreams, Acrylic on silk charmeuse, 16 X 20 inches, 2018



Annabelle Lea's Sepulchre, Acrylic and watercolor on paper, 8 X 10 inches, 2018



Silky Forest, Acrylic on silk charmeuse, 9 X 12 inches, 2018



The Artist's Hand, graphite and white pencil on paper, 8 X 10 inches, 2016




Venus, graphite and white pencil on paper, 8 X 10 inches, 2016




The Language of Balance, graphite and white pencil on paper, 8 X 10 inches,  2016



Deepest Roots, oil, moss & lichen on board, 12 X 12 inches, 2016






 Broken Beauty Collection: No. 7, graphite on bristol 8 1/2X11 inches, 2012






  Broken Beauty Collection: The Painter, graphite on bristol 11X17 inches, 2012




Broken Beauty Collection: Rose Blooming Lilac, graphite on bristol 11X17 inches, 2012



Broken Beauty Collection: Peggy Loves You, graphite on bristol 11X14 inches, 2012





 Broken Beauty Collection: Bird Support, graphite on bristol 11X14 inches, 2012




  Broken Beauty Collection: Viperanya, graphite on bristol 17X11 inches, 2012




 Broken Beauty Collection: Head in the Forest, graphite on bristol 12X12 inches, 2012



 Still life of Crack House : Lady Latourell House, oil on canvas 16X20 inches, 2002



Butt Study, oil on canvas board 16X20 inches, 2002 



Living With Myselves, Charcoal, conté, chalk pastel on paper, 18 X 24 inches, 2003



Self Images, mixed media collage on paper, 18 X 24 inches, 2003 



Violet and the Moon illustration, chalk pastel, colored pencil, cutout collage on paper, 8.5 X 11 inches, 2001






Stoner Babes (hand drawn/digital collage)

Prints available



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