Lover's Eye Keepsake Art

Lover's Eye Keepsake Art

Katie Guinn

$ 80.00

In the late 18th century it began: 'The Lover's Eye' was an oil rendered keepsake for lovers who were in their most scandalous affair. Something only they would recognize, a comfort to them of their love when they couldn't be together, while the identity of the subject could be easily concealed.

My favorite parts of those I love are their eyes; deeply layered with color and soul. 

The varied colors of a blue mixed with green and ocher splashing out from the pupil, deep dark brown, almost black yielding the sparkle that only irises with that hue can, hazel brown with a party of green and saffron filaments, swimming pool green that glows like a mermaid. No eye is alike and they are also my most favorite thing in this world to render. 

Just like the eye, each frame will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your commission. The size of the art will be life-sized and framed in a square, rectangle, oval or circular frame of my choosing. If you absolutely must have a certain color, message me with it and we'll work it out. 

As these are commissioned pieces there are no returns, but you will recognize your love's eye. 

I must receive a clear high res. photo of the eye. For an additional fee, I am available to take photographs for local clients. 

Allow 2-6 weeks for completion of colored pencil and 4-10 weeks for oil, as it must dry completely before sending and will take more time to paint. 


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