Custom Lover's Eye :: Momento Mori :: Keepsake Art

Katie Guinn

$ 120.00

In the late 18th century it began: 'The Lover's Eye' was an oil rendered keepsake for lovers who were in their most scandalous affair. Something only they would recognize, a comfort to them of their love when they couldn't be together, while the identity of the subject could be easily concealed.

In the late 19th Century, during the Victorian age, The eye of a loved one was an intimate way to keep a piece of after a loss :: Momento Mori. 

No eye is alike and they are also my most favorite thing in this world to render. 

Just like the eye, each frame will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your commission. The size of the art will be life-sized and framed in a square, rectangle, oval or circular frame of my choosing. If you absolutely must have a certain color, message me with it and we'll work it out. 

As these are commissioned pieces there are no returns, but you will recognize your love's eye. 

I must receive a clear high res. photo of the eye. For an additional fee, I am available to take photographs for local clients. 

Allow 2-6 weeks for completion of colored pencil and 4-10 weeks for acrylic, as it must dry completely before sending and will take more time to paint. 

I am able to include the ashes of a lost loved one also. Talk to me. 


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