Custom Witch Portrait

Katie Guinn

$ 100.00

I recently drew my little as a witch in training. She has all the talents, love for Mother earth and inner beauty for it.

I also drew my friend Carol, the wisest witch I know, and my friend Julia! 

Now I realize I want to draw all the witches! 

So, send me a clear photo and I'll draw your favorite witch, or yourself! Witches don't always wear pointed hats (of which forms have been worn by humans for centuries) but they are quite regal in my opinion. There are a variety of headdresses witches adorn their powerful heads with, so hit me up and let's make a witch in your life feel special during this season of magic. 

You will get:

One original drawing

 5X7" in size

Hand signed

A personalized note for recipient if desired

Note: Matte not included


Let me draw every member of your coven! 



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