Funk Yeah: Part Deux

It was the day after my birthday, which by the way, was the best birthday weather I can consciously remember.; not only was it sunny, it was warm. Monday was similar, which allowed me to run around the neighborhood taking photos of the very beautiful and genuine righteous babe Skye Sengelmann. This girls knows what she's doing.

It's always a righteous experience working with other creative women, and this time around my home-girl Irisa Mcausland nailed the hair and make-up...nailed it! I've been semi-stalking Skye since she walked for me in PFW in 2013, and...

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Video: Portland Fashion Week

                                                                                                          Photo by Jeff Wong

Fashion shows are a lot of work. A lot. It's very rare (well, in Portland) to get the chance to actually see it all coming together, because you're stuck backstage.

So you just hope the music works, that people are paying attention and that your model demands are realistic, "Don't-whatever you do-please-don't put your hands on your hips". That's a tough one. "Oh, and smile, but not too much." They nailed that one. It was such a wonderful experience to work with these talented, gorgeous, professional and...

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Design Inspiration: All Seeing Eye, American Babes

This design was originally inspired by, well America. I wanted an image that represented my connection to being born in this land and my idea of our history. Although we live in "The Land of the Free", there seems to be so much bad blood behind that statement; for some it does represent freedom, for some it represents pilfering. For me, it represents all of those things and more. I think we can all be thankful that we get to live in a land filled with so much beauty, specifically the Pacific Northwest. I will never...

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Moon Sisters : : : Soul Sisters


After a significant year, both personally and creatively, an amazing opportunity presented itself to recharge for a fresh one. It was in the form of a retreat, far from the uniquely beautiful, yet dense and demanding city. We traveled many miles west on hwy 30 to the point where the Columbia river spills out into the sea, over the longest truss bridge in North America and into the beautiful landscape of the Washington Coast. The hills were a-topped with snuggly clouds, the marshy landscape was filled with rain and salt water, the leafless branches painted...

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Pop-Up at Sou'wester

Yes, I am indeed gathering with my Moon Sisters this coming weekend to howl at the first full beauty of the year. We're partaking in creative workshops, yoga, connecting with Mother Earth and Mother Moon while taking a much needed vacation from the crowded city. Don't get me wrong, I loves my beautiful and culturally rich hometown, but I've been dreaming of a weekend just like this for several months now.

Why does this matter to you? Well, I'll be selling my goods at the pop-up shop along side some other talented creative women including: Heart Cave CROW...

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