The Art of Dressing +X+ Mixing Prints

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Expressing ourselves through clothing is what we as humans do. Even if you only wear sweats and clothes from your favorite value store because well, you have to wear something right? You don't really care as long as you're covered. That's an expression in itself. We can also (sometimes subconsciously) asses others by what they're wearing. Have you ever heard the term "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes." ? I pretty much agree with this. Analyzing people's dressing choices is a hobby of mine. I like to see how accurate I am about a person...

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Merde Inspiration Radicale Sans De Le Monde

inspirations marie antionette pretty pictures

We've added a new feature to our blog: Merde Inspiration Radicale Sans De Le Monde
Pretty pictures of things that inspire us. We take crediting pretty seriously and dig deep to find an artist, photographer and human to credit each photo to. Many photos these days are used without permission and without a simple name attached so viewers can see who is...

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