COALESCE :: Brand Highlights : Part Deux

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We're a mere week and a half away from our incredible pop-up shop where you can shop the goods of some of Portland's most talented brands and like all locally made goods, there are kick-ass people behind the scenes creating. What makes this line-up so wonderful? Let's find out more from Laurs Kemp and Machine Apparel.


Laurs Kemp is a fairly new designer who's work I first saw materializing in Portland about a year ago at Haunt and Animal Traffic. She's steadily made a prominent mark on Portland's fashion face and has recently solidified it by...

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COALESCE : : Brand Highlights

Coalesce folk Handmade Goods hats Hovden Formal Farmwear Independent deisgners indie fashion Katie Guinn Local Goods PDX Fashion Pop up shop Portland Designers Portland Made Portland Shopping Scandanavian Garments This is Folklore Tillamook Station

We're just short of three weeks away from a super killer pop-up shop at Tillamook Station where 12 superb brands will be selling their goods for a mere 4 hours.

Hovden Formal Farmwear and This is Folklore are two of the super talented designers/creators that will be there.

                                                                         Hovden Shirt with This is Folklore hat

Hovden is a clothing company that focuses on highly functional...

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The Art of Dressing +X+ Mixing Prints

bespoke Coalesce custom garments custom sewing eithical fashion ethical clothing hand crafted Handmade Goods Independent deisgners indie fashion inspirations Katie Guinn Local Goods lover of the beautiful made in portland made in usa mixing prints pdx PDX Fashion Portland Designers Portland Made Portland Shopping pretty pictures prints

Expressing ourselves through clothing is what we as humans do. Even if you only wear sweats and clothes from your favorite value store because well, you have to wear something right? You don't really care as long as you're covered. That's an expression in itself. We can also (sometimes subconsciously) asses others by what they're wearing. Have you ever heard the term "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes." ? I pretty much agree with this. Analyzing people's dressing choices is a hobby of mine. I like to see how accurate I am about a person...

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