Resist With Art Shirt


Thank you a million to all of the amazing people who supported the pre-order for my new RESIST shirts! I've almost sold out of the entire first batch and am ordering more soon. I also was able to write a nice sized check to the Stop Handgun Violence organization, because of YOU who purchased yourself this cozy tee. 15 % of all profits from the sale of these shirts were donated to the organization, because I'm passionate about taking action against the epidemic that is gun violence in America. 

There are many informative facts on their website, and a brutal count of humans killed by guns, that is constantly updated, and very sobering, heartbreaking. 

The inspiration for this image is the need to resist the current administration and their intention of personal superfluous wealth and power over human lives of fellow citizens in their country. The list of politicians that accept money (and have been for a while) from the NRA is astounding, and we need to make sure we elect those who value the lives of their fellow human beings. 

The resisting fist holds a pencil and a paintbrush, bleeding passion for equality, equity and love. This is one way I can resist, with my artwork. If you resist with art, don't stop writing your words, reading others' words, making art and supporting artists!

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How do you resist? 













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