Jonny Sport Look Book 2016

This summer was a prolific one as far as photography is concerned. I've shifted much of my work from strictly fashion design and creation to pretty much whatever else I can . I still love the art of dressing and making clothing, this will never go away, but this past year has presented many opportunities to grow as an artist in other disciplines, which if I'm honest is at times silly I know. Why focus on a variety of work that you never can master when you can focus on one and be your best at it? Well, simply put, I can't not create art in many forms. I'm obsessed with variety and experimentation.

One of the projects I was lucky enough to work on was a look book for Portland luggage company, Jonny Sport. Designed and operated by a fellow multi-disciplinary human, neighbor and dear friend Rachel Elizabeth.  

Johnny Sport is made of vegan leather, Rachel is vegan and so is the model in this look book, Syd Most. Syd was amazing to photograph and listen to as we ventured through north Portland to create the story: A life in the day of Syd, self-proclaimed Vegan Feminist Bitch

Model: Syd Most

Photography & Styling: Katie Guinn

Ringwald dress by 6/7 (Liza Rietz & Boem) Photos 6,7

Ikat tunic dress by Katie Guinn, Photos 8-10

Kate Towers Skirt available at Haunt, Photo 12

A million thank yous to our agreed favorite places, Wolf and Bear's, Another Read Through, Overlook Park, Rexall Drugs, Haunt and Six/Seven...and Rest in Peace another old Portland home complex where Syd called home for the past 25 years. 

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