Merde Inspiration Radicale Sans De Le Monde

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We've added a new feature to our blog: Merde Inspiration Radicale Sans De Le Monde
Pretty pictures of things that inspire us. We take crediting pretty seriously and dig deep to find an artist, photographer and human to credit each photo to. Many photos these days are used without permission and without a simple name attached so viewers can see who is responsible for the beauty they're seeing. Many times images found on pinterest lose their credit info and thus, the info is near impossible to find. If this is the case, we list the last source we could find, and please, if you know who the credit goes to or even have an idea, let us know in the comments below.  
Now for the pretty Pictures!
From top left:, Sculpture by Snail Scott via Pinterest, Photo and recipe from, Palms Illustration by Agata Wierzbicka, Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Dolce & Gabbana for the cover of Love Magazine.





From top left: State of Being on

Bullseye roses found on Pinterest, Collage Collective, Earth photo ,a contemporary play on an original photograph of John and Yoko holding a sign "WAR IS OVER" taken by Frank Barratt, A photo of some of Marie Antionette's shoes that she actually wore from Versailles (original photographer source unfound).

For more rad photos and sources of inspiration follow Katie Guinn on Pinterest & Instagram.

















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