Spring Inspirations


We made it through the Winter months, and really it was pretty easy this year as the coldness and the rain didn't plague us for long. The bare branches seemed to have more color and life this time around with an abundance of moss. We were the lucky ones here in Oregon. When the rest of the country it seemed was blasted with record breaking storms that brought intense misery, we Portlanders we saying "hm, well, that wasn't so bad was it?" Suddenly Spring seemed to emerge quicker than ever this year and now here we are,enjoying the flower scented air, cherry blossoms blanketing the streets with a dusting of pale pink heaven, and the kids have started riding their bikes up and down the sidewalks again. 

I still get that same feeling as I did as a kid in Portland.


The new life that Spring brings is a major inspiration to me. It's not just the flowers; the smell, the beautiful color, but also the adoring bees, butterflies and birds. There is suddenly beautiful new life everywhere, and it's a humble reminder that when things seem to go away and the days are short and gloomy, if we can muster up that patience and nurture what's important it will return quicker than we think. There's also that saying "Spring cleaning" and lucky for you we have some of that to do.

We have a lot of one-of-a-kind ideas to make use of the 2, 3 or 4 yard pieces we have left from previous projects, so we'll be adding garments one at a time for a while this time around.

Keep in touch to see what develops.


xoxo ~Katie

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