Julia Dream

When I first met Julia in person it was in her lovely studio on NE Fremont. I immediately fell in love with her presence and those perfectly structured and lustrous ringlets that bounced atop her head. She also laughs and smiles a lot and I like that.

She'd reached out to me after she saw me at Content and asked if I'd be willing to paint her wedding gown, and that her seamstress at Silhouette would be designing and constructing the silk gown.

I didn't hesitate at all. As much as I've grown to enjoy sewing, I've recently fallen out of love with it slightly. So as I'm transitioning back into my true artistic self (a painter, illustrator), this would the best project I could think of to do next!

The most endearing part is she wasn't picky, she liked my style and wanted me to do just that, and only had a few specifics. That made me much more comfortable with the fact that I was permanently altering silk charmeuse...and we were cutting it close for time too.

Every time I painted upon it I listened to Pink Floyd's Relics (1971), as it has one of my favorite songs called Julia Dream on it. Believe it or not, she's the first Julia I've known.

So her dress has a song story in it, and she actually was a dream to work with.

Now I want to paint ALL the wedding gowns, so bring 'em over. Please and thank you!

All photos taken by the amazingly talented Nikita Lee.



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