Funk Yeah: Part Deux

It was the day after my birthday, which by the way, was the best birthday weather I can consciously remember.; not only was it sunny, it was warm. Monday was similar, which allowed me to run around the neighborhood taking photos of the very beautiful and genuine righteous babe Skye Sengelmann. This girls knows what she's doing.

It's always a righteous experience working with other creative women, and this time around my home-girl Irisa Mcausland nailed the hair and make-up...nailed it! I've been semi-stalking Skye since she walked for me in PFW in 2013, and the three of us finally made some magic together. I love working with skilled photographers, but I've also been dying to shoot Skye myself, so I did.

This is an addition to the Funk Yeah collection that was originally released as a small-ish one and dominated by limited edition pieces made with spectacular vintage fabrics. Once I started designing again recently, I realized it was natural to build upon that collection, because so many of the garments tied cohesively into it.  Most of these garments are available in my shop, and the Stoner Babe tee (handmade in Portland and printed in Portland) is the first of three tees available as pre-sale (for a killer one-time price).

 So here I give you, dear friends, funky females, lovers of the beautiful and readers of my blog, some of my favorites, which includes final images from the look book and some that didn't quite make it, but are also my favorites!

The official look book can be seen here.




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