Video: Portland Fashion Week

                                                                                                          Photo by Jeff Wong

Fashion shows are a lot of work. A lot. It's very rare (well, in Portland) to get the chance to actually see it all coming together, because you're stuck backstage.

So you just hope the music works, that people are paying attention and that your model demands are realistic, "Don't-whatever you do-please-don't put your hands on your hips". That's a tough one. "Oh, and smile, but not too much." They nailed that one. It was such a wonderful experience to work with these talented, gorgeous, professional and kind ladies. Thank you all! I will stalk you until we work together again.

Videographer Vince Bocchicchio just sent me this video from my September 2014 PFW show featuring my Funk Yeah collection. Thank you Vince!

Models in order of appearance:

Morgan Young

Serena Killion

Morgan Love

Kayla Tatum

Kenzie Richter

Zoe Sherman

Camille Field


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