Design Inspiration: All Seeing Eye, American Babes

This design was originally inspired by, well America. I wanted an image that represented my connection to being born in this land and my idea of our history. Although we live in "The Land of the Free", there seems to be so much bad blood behind that statement; for some it does represent freedom, for some it represents pilfering. For me, it represents all of those things and more. I think we can all be thankful that we get to live in a land filled with so much beauty, specifically the Pacific Northwest. I will never leave this region as my home.

The all seeing eye image is an ancient one, an occult and esoteric image, and simultaneously, it's also a familiar one that is so common, it remains on the flip-side of our precious dollar bill: The eye of provenance. The image can also be found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs of which have been explained as the eye of Horus. The all seeing eye is perceived by most cultures as a protectant from the evil eye. To sum it up, I see it as a beautiful protectant; the eye is what we all focus on when communicating with someone tete'a tete' and I personally love to examine the beauty in each individual set of eyes in the people I meet.  What I love most about this image is that it has a connection to almost every culture and can be seen in ancient tombs in earth's beloved Egypt and also in contemporary American culture.
My Funk Yeah collection was inspired by these large pieces of vintage fabrics I had from the late 60's and early 70's. I designed my collection around that and from my baser instinctual style that I've donned since my adolescent high school days: A little bit hippy, a little rock n' roll, a little bit edgy, mod and a lot of femininity and connection to mother earth... and my love for history. (Did you get all that?)
The iris of the eye in my design is inspired by the global waters seen from space, the red and white "rays" are inspired by the beautiful country we get to call home and its colors. No matter what your profession, interests, passions, you too are an American Babe. We're all American Babes!
This design can be purchased on organic cotton tanks and tees through my shop.

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