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After a significant year, both personally and creatively, an amazing opportunity presented itself to recharge for a fresh one. It was in the form of a retreat, far from the uniquely beautiful, yet dense and demanding city. We traveled many miles west on hwy 30 to the point where the Columbia river spills out into the sea, over the longest truss bridge in North America and into the beautiful landscape of the Washington Coast. The hills were a-topped with snuggly clouds, the marshy landscape was filled with rain and salt water, the leafless branches painted generously with lichen; every aspect of the region was refreshingly vibrant in this deep winter month.

Once we arrived at the lovely Sou'wester, we inhaled some much needed fresh air. (No diesel exhaust, factory releases or Daimler plant pollution here!) The weekend was filled with inspiring interactions (of which many will remain as life-long friendships), homemade meals and viciously creative and righteous women.

We ventured to this place to celebrate the first full moon of the year; as the tides respond to the moon's force, we too were aligned to start anew, casting away the negative and inviting the fierce positive. The Wolf moon is originally named as such by the native tribes of North America, because the wolves would emerge from the scarce forest longing for food in the deep winter, and would thus, howl at the moon. It's also know as the Old Moon, as well as the Moon after Yule.

In the week leading up to this trip, I was deeply inspired to create these miniature drawings; the feminine connection with the cyclical phases of the moon is pretty bona fide. I can't wait until the next gathering with my newly found soul sistas, and to meet more still.

These miniature original renderings are available to purchase. For more info visit my artwork page, and to purchase, email me at:

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