"Bugs" my first personal essay

Thanks so much to Jennifer Pastiloff and Angela Patel, for publishing my piece "Bugs" over at the manifeststation 

Check it out!

So many beautiful pieces to read over there. I'm honored to be represented in such an abundance of brilliant writers.





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Skin Cells



Day 1: I met Tracey in the hallway old-school style, on my way to class in an elementary school that is now a place for parties, and also sometimes classes. I had arrived early, about 5:40 thinking class started at 6.  I entered the main doors escaping the sharp smell of smoke-filled cold from the welcoming fire pit, that later would graciously burn away shame. I was stunned by bagpipes and drums. The bellowing unafraid instruments made to sing by men in kilts. They began promptly upon my entrance through the doors...

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Gift Guide Feature : Cobalt Dots Pillow

Our Hand painted Dots pillow has been featured on a holiday gift guide! 

You can see it here

We're so honored to be featured alongside a long list of really amazing items. Check it out! 

 Thanks so much to Kyle for reaching out and including us!

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Coalesce :: A Holiday Pop Up Shopping Event

Coalesce is happy to announce our 3rd installment of showcasing some of Portland's most talented makers, designers, artists, writers and creative humans who want to change the landscape with their unique craft and love for making beautiful things. 

December 4th marks our best yet with over 25 vendors representing the varietal talent our creative city has to offer.

I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Alyssa Woods of VAVA lingerie on this event. Alyssa is an amazing designer who has also produced some really spectacular similar...

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Jonny Sport Look Book 2016

This summer was a prolific one as far as photography is concerned. I've shifted much of my work from strictly fashion design and creation to pretty much whatever else I can . I still love the art of dressing and making clothing, this will never go away, but this past year has presented many opportunities to grow as an artist in other disciplines, which if I'm honest is at times silly I know. Why focus on a variety of work that you never can master when you can focus on one and be your best at it? Well, simply put,...

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