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May, 2021: My prose piece, A Haunting of Rats was recently published at University of Alabama's literary Journal, Call Me [Brackets].

Page 57:


April, 2021: My prose pieces, Wanachi Wands, and a Triptych along with some illustrations were published at the spectacular Stone Pacific Zine. 



September, 2020: I interviewed the brilliant Liz Prato for The Rumpus. 


Interviews for Nailed Magazine: 

Shatara Liora 

Sophia Shalmiyev

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Publication in Entropy Magazine


On Friday, July 13th my Dad died suddenly during his birthday party at my Parents' home in Corbett. It was a traumatic experience. I miss him deeply and endlessly. 

I started writing about my Dad when he was alive. I wanted him to read it some day. 

While at a workshop with Beth Bornstein Dunnington, pieces of this arose from me several months before he died. The poetry came from a workshop with Brigid Yuknavitch online, and the rest of it was formed in a workshop with Read more →

Publication at Nailed

I wrote this piece in 2017 at the Oregon Gardens during the Corporeal Summer Workshop. Hot bodies and digging into eros, this poured out while laying in the grass outside. Domi and Lidia and my fellow workshoppers helped me refine it. 

Thanks to the non-fiction editor at Nailed Magazine, Acacia Blackwell for publishing it. Cover image by Agent X who's a featured artist in the magazine as well.

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Resist With Art Shirt


Thank you a million to all of the amazing people who supported the pre-order for my new RESIST shirts! I've almost sold out of the entire first batch and am ordering more soon. I also was able to write a nice sized check to the Stop Handgun Violence organization, because of YOU who purchased yourself this cozy tee. 15 % of all profits from the sale of these shirts were donated to the organization, because I'm passionate about taking action against the epidemic that is gun violence in America. 

There are many informative...

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"Bugs" my first personal essay

Thanks so much to Jennifer Pastiloff and Angela Patel, for publishing my piece "Bugs" over at the manifeststation 

Check it out!

So many beautiful pieces to read over there. I'm honored to be represented in such an abundance of brilliant writers.




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